Initforthe Ltd
13 Jul

Initforthe Ltd

Tom Simnett founder of Initforthe Ltd a specialised software developer
wanted to ensure that his staff had the best possible working conditions.

He contacted Richard at R & A Office Environments Ltd and together they
devised a plan to have height adjustable workstations and ergonomic office

The poer operated desk by Imperial in White contrasted the Summit Chairs
Red seating perfectly

The staff were very pleased with their ergonomic designed work spaces.

Pegasus Group
13 Jul

Pegasus Group

Pegasus Group asked R & A Office Environments Ltd to design and furnish a
new office in Liverpool’s City Square.

This followed the work done in the Manchester Office

Suzanne Mercer of Pegasus was delighted with the outcome and the speed and
efficiency of the delivery and installation.

Another great job well done.